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Open Door Policy
The Children's Corner has an Open Door Policy and encourages parents to visit the center/child's classroom at any time.

EOE Policy
Students are accepted according to available space regardless of race, creed, color, national origin, physical or mental disability. This also pertains to our staff and parents. We will not discriminate against any parent or staff pertainint to marital status or veteran stat

Hours of Operation
Children in the childcare program may be dropped off and picked up any time between 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Please take your child to the appropriate location. A responsible adult for security purposes should sign the child in and out daily at the front desk and on the keypad at the front door.

Closing Time
The Center is scheduled to close each day at 6:00 p.m. We ask parents to cooperate in picking up their children on or before 6:00 p.m. If for some emergency, a parent should be delayed, please call the center immediately to inform the person i charge that you will be late. A late charge of $5.00 per additional 5 minutes will be assessed and payable immediately by the parents or person picking up. Continuous tardiness in picking up a child on the part of a parent will necessitate our requesting that the child be withdrawn from the center.

Release of Child
I understand that my child will be released only to those persons whose names I have listed on the Child Registration Form. I will advise the Director in writing, if any person other than those listed is to pick up my child. Our employees will require proof of identification from any person arriving to pick up my child. A telephone authorization shall be confirmed with the custodial parent at a previously designated telephone number. We reserve the right to not release your child to anyone who appears to be intoxicated or impaired.

Because of our fixed cost averaged over the calendar year, there is no reduction in tuition for the following holidays.  I agree that I am not entitled to any allowances for these days: New Year's Day; Memorial Day; Fourth of July; Labor Day; Thanksgiving Day and the Friday after Thanksgiving; Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Center Closure
In the event of inclement weather, we will close on the same schedule as the Clay County School system. There will be no reduction in price for the first day of closure. We will open as soon as safety permits. This MAY be sooner than the public schools. Please call or check center doors for information.

Lock Down Procedure

In the event it is necessary to place our center on lockdown, we will try to notify pur parents as quickly as possible either through phone calls, emails or the media. Please be aware that this would only be in the case of extreme emergency. We will release the children to parents when the police have notified us to do so.

Vacation Policy
I understand that only those students enrolled in a September-to-September Full-Time program are entitled to a two-week vacation. (Based on the amount of days your child attends). Example: MWF full day would have 6 vacation days. TH full day program would have 4 vacation days. This two-week vacation does not apply to any other program. Vacation may be taken after one year of enrollment. Please fill out a vacation leave form before leave is taken and turn it into the office. You may not use vacation if your child is in attendance.

Because our program and licensing requirements require us to engage staff based on the number of children enrolled, we cannot make tuition allowances for absences. No refunds, credits, or make-up days can be granted. You may use a vacation day if eligible.

Medical and Illnesses
State regulations require us to maintain a medical record on each child. this record must include an up to date Physical (HRS-H Form 3040) and an Immunization certificate. These records must be in the child's folder no later than 30 days upon enrollment. Form's can be obtained from the child's physician. For the protection of all children, your child should be kept at home (WE CANNOT ACCEPT HIM AT THE CENTER) if he/she shows any of the following symptoms: a temperature at or above 101; diarrhea or vomiting; a rash; nasal discharge or discharging eyes and ears. Parents should exercise every caution and keep their child home should other unusual symptoms occur. Children must be fever free for 24 hours with out medication before returning to the center. I understand that I will be notified should my child become ill during the day and that it will be necessary to make arrangements to have my child picked up as soon as possible after notification.

We will administer medication on site under the following provisions. An authorization for medication form must be filled out with all necessary information completed. All medications must be in the original container. We cannot administer any over the counter medicines unless it is age appropriate and part of the original label. Please note if the medication needs to be refrigerated. We cannot give any medication for any reason without the Medication form completed.

The bulletin board is located in the front entrance and is our communication center here at the Children's corner. It is used to display lunch menus, newspaper and magazine articles, the monthly calendar and newsletter and sign up sheets. If a parent would like a conference with their child's teacher they may contact the front office to schedule it. The teacher or parent may request a daily progress report at any time. A phone conference may be set up at a mutual time for both teacher and parent. Our director and assistant director are always available to help solve any problems that may occur.

Disciplinary Policy
The children's Corner Staff uses positive reinforcement, which encourages self-control, self-discretion and problem solving. When necessary the following steps may be taken.

1. Redirecting the children
2. The priviledge of working with certain materials or participating in some activities may be temporarily revoked.
3. The child may be required to sit in a designated "time-out" area.
4. Parents will be notified in the event of severe or persistent behavioral problems. In this case measures will be decided in a conference with the parents.
5. A child may be requested to dis-enroll from our center when his or her behavior is detrimental to our other students and staff.
6. All discipline will be respectful, not tied to food or toileting, and within appropriate developmental expectations.
*** corporal punishment is not permitted at any time. ***

The center will meet the child's nutritional needs for the part of the day, which he/she spends at the center by providing a nutritious morning and afternoon snack in addition to a well-balanced lunch. We will make accommodations for special needs. For sanitary purposes, NO SIPPY CUPS are permitted except in our 18-month classroom. Please be sure you put both first and last name on cups. Our VPK only students will not be provided lunch.

Reporting child Abuse and Neglect

In accordance to Florida statues, it is mandated that any person who knows or has reasonable cause to suspect that a child is abused, abondoned or neglected by their caregivers shall report immediately such knowledge or suspicion to the central hotline of the Department of Children and Families.


Because of the wide range of activities, it is recommended that children be dressed in washable, comfortable clothing. Tennis shoes are recommended for outdoor play. Please remember the children are taken out daily (weather permitting) and should be dressed accordingly.

Potty Training and Diapering Supplies
Parents are responsible for providing their own diapering supplies. Potty training takes place in our two-year-old classrooms.  Any child not potty trained by three years of age will remain in the two year old room and will be charged the two year old fees.

Birthday's and Special Occaisions
Parents are welcome to send cookies, cupcakes or cakes to share with their children's friends on birthday's and special occasions. Please let your child's teacher know in advance that you will bring a treat. Parents are welcome to attend.

Toys and Candy
Other than bringing a stuffed animal, doll or security blanket tor naptime, please do not send in toys, candy, gum or money.

Photographs and Publicity
Photographs will be taken of the children participating in our program and may appear in the newspaper, on our website or facebook page.  Your permission to use these photographs of your child is part of this agreement.

Use of Television/DVD
Each classroom has a posted list of scheduled activities that is to be followed daily. We will refrain from using the television in the classroom during the scheduled events. DVD's may be used if approved  to go with a learning activity that is integrated into the lesson plans. Use of the television is not a regular occurrence.

Parents may withdrawl a child from the program at any time. A TWO WEEK WRITTEN NOTICE IS REQUIRED. If you choose to take your child out before the two weeks, you are required to pay tuition as normal. Withdrawal and subsequent re-enrollment will entail an additional registration fee. Please fill out a student withdrawal form.

Smoke and Substance FREE Environment
Please be advised there is NO smoking or substance use permitted in or on the premises at anytime.

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